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fresh clams

Wild clams caught from best beds in the Danish region of Isefjord are brought to Prague three times a week. Apart from using our original recipes, it is also important for us to serve only fresh and high quality clams to you. Our guests prefer clams prepared in white wine and our chef Jan Pípal loves Tin Tin mussels.

french fries

Hardly anybody can imagine how much work and effort is there behind crispy and perfectly prepared French fries. It all starts from the complicated selection of a suitable and correct type of potatoes and it finishes with double frying in beef tallow so typical for Belgian cuisine. We prepare our fries really carefully!


Like clams, we also bring fresh fish in our restaurant three times a week. They get to your table from the Mediterranean Sea, from the west and north coasts of Europe or from the Indian Ocean where we catch fresh tuna fish.

liege waffles

There are some desserts to which you can become addicted. And our Liege waffles always freshly made from leavened dough are one of them. It had taken several weeks before we managed to achieve their perfect crispness and taste but it was worth it. Under the supervision of our confectioner Lukáš Skála we now serve them with sugar, chocolate, cream, strawberries and ice-cream.


We are glad when you come to us with your friends for a few beers. Therefore in our brasserie we offer more than sixty kinds of Belgian bottled beers. We also have eight more draught top-fermented beers and every two weeks also one beer from a Czech mini brewery. Our beer sommeliers will guide you through the world of Belgian beers, from Witbier, Lambik and Geuze to Trappist beers. For ladies we have Hoegardeen Rose in our offer and we are proud that our best-selling bottled beer is Kwak, one of the most famous Belgian Amber ales.

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